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Here is another dose of Sunday Inspiration, to kick start your week.
Since, this month I'm working on becoming more consistency, 
this quote by Mattieologie resonated with me.

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Mattie also reminded me of the fact that “we miss out on so many opportunities”, when we are not consistent.  One such example of that for me is with this blog, as the sporadic posting here, among other things has resulted in little blog growth. Therefore, I’m now making a conscious decision to not only do better with the blog but in other areas of my life that will benefit from more consistent effort. In addition, in my attempt to become more consistent, I am also taking the time to make note of the things that hinder my consistency, for example when I lose motivation. I am also putting contingency plans in place, in order to recover from such barriers.
If you’re like me and consistency is something that you also need to work on, then I implore you do some of the following things:
  • Make a mental commitment to become more consistent and practice it daily. 
  • Remember that developing habits take time and as a result don’t be too hard on yourself, if you stumble. In fact, plan for possible shortcomings by putting something in place that will help in bouncing back from such setbacks. 
  • Remind yourself of the general outcomes you hope to achieve and break it down into daily tasks that work towards that outcome.  In addition, do ensure that your outcomes & tasks are written down, so that you can review them daily. 
  • Get accountability partners, who will help to keep you on track and will encourage you to follow though and remain consistent. 
  •  Lastly, I will like to encourage you all to sign up for Mattie’s 5-Day Consistency Cleanse. THIS: Today I’m working on becoming a more consistent being.

 Sunday Share
Here are some more random facts about myself:
  1. Some other bad habits I'm working on include: my poor sleeping pattern, my internet addiction and my procrastination tendency.
  2. I'm a huge Trey Songz fan.
  3. I'm on my fourth Sony, point & shoot camera .
Will you be following me on the #Road2Consistency?
What are some of the bad habits you are trying to break?
Let's chat in the comments below.

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